[How To] US Netflix on a UK Vita

All you early birds have probably drooled enough to drown a goldfish already after playing with your Vita this week and as usual, people of the UK don’t quite have access to things that North American Vita owners do, for example, a Netflix app. Luckily, one awesome person found a way to get the app AND access to US Netflix.

Netflix logoUsual warning/disclaimer before we proceed, this is just a guide, nobody is TELLING or ORDERING you to do it. Mental Gamers, Postabargain.co.uk (where the info was originally posted) and @RidingOnTheWind/Freebird hold no responsibility if anything goes wrong.

How to put Netflix on the Vita:

  • Go to Settings – Format – Restore the PS Vita System.
  • Now, go through with this, but do NOT deactivate/unlink the account, also do NOT format the memory card.
  • Then the system will reboot. During the setup, enter your US SEN credentials (if you don’t have a US account, create one).
  • When that’s done, go to the PS Store and download the Netflix app.
  • Go through the restore again, doing it the same way.
  • Set up your system with your UK account.
  • Do the usual DNS changes like you have done already on your PS3 or 360 IF you want the US catalog instead of the UK one.
  • Start the Netflix app. It will say you can’t earn trophies with this app (because it wasn’t purchased with your account).
  • Obviously just ignore that as there are none anyway
  • Log in with your Netflix details and…Enjoy!


That’s it, simple as that. If you’re successful, please let us know in the comments.

A quick guide to getting US Netflix on your Xbox 360 and/or PlayStation 3:

  • Go into Network Settings and find the DNS settings of which you will have to manually change.
  • Enter – for the Primary DNS
  • Enter – for the Secondary DNS
  • For the 360, you just need to start the app, you may need to reboot the PS3.

Vita information and image courtesy of Tanja – Freebird.

[Update] The DNS seems to have either stopped working or they have blocked access, sorry, but there’s not a lot I can do about that…

[Update 2] There’s a different DNS option by registering at playmoTV and I (aceman) guarantee it works with the PS3, the Xbox 360 is kind of hit and miss. It’s free while still in beta and definitely works with the PlayStation 3 and Vita. Please note, I cannot provide any help here, refer to the mentioned services for queries.

[Update 3] playmoTV is now out of beta, so when you register, you will only get 7 days free. Apparently, if you pay for 30 days in July (2012), you get 30 days free.