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Category: Xbox 360

Jet Set Radio

Radio These Jet Set Images In

A few more screenshots for the latest Dreamcast game that’s coming to an Xbox 360 near you soon have been released from SEGA and show...


XBLA Games Get Higher GS

Some sites have already reported this, probably due to receiving notification in their emails or something, but MG wasn’t privy to such information and so...

I Am Alive

The Launch Trailer Am Alive

The game that was almost never released has got reviews all over the internet today and is due to be released tomorrow on the Xbox...


Minecraft Xbox 360 Screens

Although it may seem nice to see what Minecraft will look like on the Xbox 360, if you’ve already played on PC, you’ll know that...

HALO 4 logo

Take a First Look At HALO 4

A video from the Spring Showcase has been released which is like a developer diary where the game is talked about and various features are...

Jet Set Radio

Jet Set Radio Screens Ride Again

Or something, headline probably doesn’t make any sense as usual, but as fashionably late as Mental Gamers likes to be, if you haven’t seen the...