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Everspace 2 Launches on PC

Everspace 2 has launched after 5 years in development with over 300,000 copies sold so far and review rankings of over 80%, Rockfish Games are celebrating it as very successful.

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Totally Spies! In Totally New Game

Totally Spies! is a cartoon which seems to have been on television forever and has built up quite a fanbase. Microids has announced a deal with Banijay Kids and Family today, for a new title based on the popular animated series scheduled for release in 2024 on consoles and PC.

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Gaming Chart Week Ending 22/04/23

We’re back! Well, me, MGAceman. Not to go into details, but personal life hasn’t been too good and things will get back to normal. BUT ANYWAY, let’s give you the latest gaming chart as a warm-up post.

Gaming Chart Featured Image

Gaming Chart Week Ending 21/01/2023

I missed some charts due to not really adding anything for a while, content is coming back and to start, here’s the gaming chart for week ending January 21, 2023.