Enjoy Football Manager 2012 in 3D

Today sees the release of Football Manager 2012 on Steam and other usual retailers like amazon.co.uk and Play.com, but as a little addition to announcing the release of the latest version that boasts over 800 new features, SI and SEGA thought they would like you to also know that you can watch matches in 3D.

Football Manager 2012

Owners of a 3D capable nVidia card will be able to take advantage of technology that adds something like you would see on Sky Sports, the ability to watch your team play in 3D. Obviously you’ll still have to do managerial duties wherever necessary, but do so on a monitor or even TV that can produce nVidia 3DTV Play visuals.

Phil Eisler, 3D Vision General Manager at NVIDIA said “3D Vision adds an extra level of immersion and excitement to Football Manager 2012. Using NVIDIA’s stereoscopic 3D technology, gamers will truly get the feeling of being pitch-side as their team goes for greatness! This is a great example of a developer using 3D to genuinely enhance the gameplay experience.”

All you need to do now is get the game and choose your team from over 50 leagues of who you want to take to the top, how you do that is entirely up to you, but if you’d prefer to do it portably, the PSP version will be released on October 28th and one for iOS devices some time later, possibly before Christmas.
More info can be found at www.sigames.com and www.footballmanager.com.