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Android Cribbage Set In Concrete

Cribbage is one of those games you normally associate with old people sitting around playing, while that is quite true, it’s something that can be enjoyed by all ages and especially by families.

Android BotConcrete Software has released Aces Cribbage for Android based smartphones so that you can play wherever you are and as long as your phone has battery power. It apparently has enhanced graphics, but I’m not too sure what that’s compared to, the standard challenging AI is there of course and the gameplay is totally customizable to your taste and style.
So, what exactly is Cribbage? Rather than get too far into detail here, Wikipedia has all you need to know, but to break it down in a summary, a card game that’s a bit like dominoes and if you don’t know what dominoes is, then we’re really screwed. There are different ways to play it, which is why there is the ability to customize the game, but basically, you have some cards of which you need to put down in a bid to make 31 and you score points on a peg board depending on which cards add up to 15.
It’s pretty confusing and even I haven’t figured out the scoring system, but if you want to try it out, there’s a Lite version on the Android Market to try or if you would like to have a go at playing online, there’s Pogo or Yahoo where you can play against human opponents and even take part in tournaments.