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Matt chats about Fallout

Matt Chat 67: Fallout with Tim Cain Pt. 2, not sure what happened to the first one as I’ve never heard of it before, but apparently, he talks more in depth about the Fallout series, how the team reacted to the popularity of Fallout with fans and how that changed the future of the series.

About Matt Chat and Matt Barton, the host:

Matt Barton, a professor at St Cloud State University located in St Cloud Minnesota, is the host of his own Youtube channel where he reviews games based on their influence, quality, entertainment value and also interviews some of the people behind some of these games.

Bringing his own unique sense of humor, intellectually entertaining point of view (yes, it is possible) to the reviews or interviews are just a couple of the factors that make Matt Chat unique and a stand out amongst other Youtube gaming shows.

So, yeah, another YouTube reviewer/show host, seems to be becoming a trend…