This Guy Really Hates Steam

Web User is the only magazine I buy, in fact, subscribe to. It features new and relaunched websites, gives you hints and tips about how to do and use things, it also features anything big and exciting about the videogaming industry.

Recently, the magazine did “An Instant Expert Guide To” feature about SteamOS which is a kind of question and answer article and covers as much as they think is necessary.
One guy who read the article appears to hate Steam and everything it stands for.
Letting off steam about Steam
It’s like, he doesn’t even get it. It’s a bit like that ‘macfag’ rant from a few years ago. Not sure how SteamOS will “part numpties from their money” any more than Steam already does.
Unless he was willing to call the US, I don’t think there is a UK support number and if there was, their phones would be ringing 24/7. Then he says he wants his old games on a new account, what? Anyone knows that’s a near impossible task.
Oh yeah, Empire Wars isn’t even on Steam, idiot.