Combat Arms has rising body count

Combat Arms is celebrating its second anniversary and for that reason, Nexon are giving away some exclusive permanent items for soldiers who log in during the celebratory period, which runs from today to Sunday July 11.
Nexon also uncovered some incredible data from the ongoing virtual war zones.

  • More than 8.6 billion soldiers killed in action.
  • More than 1.7 billion of those casualties were caused by headshots
  • More than 99 million Nutshots have been inflicted since it was added to the title in April 2009
  • More than 1.7 billion terrorists have been eliminated on the Desert Thunder map of Fireteam mode
  • More than 55 million flags have been captured
  • More than 350,000 clans have been created
  • More than 336 million Gear Points earned in-game on a daily basis
  • More than 8.8 billion EXP earned in-game on a daily basis

Combat Arms remains a leader in multiplayer online FPS action with a steady diet of content updates. In the past year, soldiers have hoofed across 10 new maps, played six new game modes, faced six new characters, fired more than 100 new weapons and used over 20 new pieces of gear. The game has also added major upgrades to the Clan functionality, a new user interface, frequent updates to maintain game balance as well as the new Rec Rules server and the option to purchase permanent weapons.