Xbox One Titanfall Bundle Announced

Xbox One, the latest console from the Microsoft who brought you the Xbox 360, it has been struggling since launch in November of 2013 and now has some gamers up-in-arms about an announcement today of a new, cheaper bundle.

It wasn’t the best of launches and some would say, even a disaster, the launch titles were almost non-existent with only a few considered worthy. Some people were selling the bundled FIFA 14 code from their Day One console, mainly because not every gamer likes or plays FIFA.
Xbox One Titanfall bundle
Microsoft have been pretty arrogant in assuming the Kinect is an essential requirement for the Xbox One, they still do due to anyone who wants to record those precious seconds of some random gameplay needing to say, “Xbox, record that”, but Sony got around that issue by giving the PlayStation 4 controller a button, why can’t Microsoft do that?
Early Xbox One adopters are upset over the price drop and especially as the new bundle contains the highly anticipated Titanfall which was recently in beta and played by around two million participants. A £30 drop AND a brand new game? It’s understandable why people are pissed, but then that’s the risk you take when buying something on launch day.
What do you think? Do you think Microsoft should compensate early adopters? They’ve done it before, would it be widely accepted and if so, what would you be willing to accept? Please leave a comment (and to show someone actually reads my stuff :p ) about what you think about the price drop and/or bundle!

Xbox One exclusive Titanfall at GAME