[Preview] Secrets of Raetikon

Secrets of Raetikon is actually spelled Secrets of Rætikon, but for SEO sake, it’s better to use ‘ae’ instead of ‘æ’. That’s not the point of this post, that would be silly, this is a site (or blog, whatever you wanna call it) about indie gaming, not social media and SEO.

Secrets of Rætikon is still in Alpha, so although it’s not yet a complete game, it’s still very playable. It runs fine on what is probably classed as low-end, my laptop is 2GHz DC, 4GB RAM with ATi Radeon HD 4200 graphics that has 256MB dedicated RAM, not the meatiest of machines, but does the job.
Secrets of Rætikon is a game of discovery. It’s an open world for you to fly around and discover other animals, runes and puzzles, you do all that to some smooth, calming ambient music. It’s nice and easy to control as you mostly use two buttons; one to grab things and another to flap your wings which helps when moving rocks or flying high.
I enjoyed the experience until I came across a statue with a problem. No matter how much I try, I just can’t seem able to pull the lever which should open up a new area for me to explore. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but I just can’t pull the lever and since I can’t explore further, I can only report on what I’ve seen.
For anyone who is a fan of open world exploration puzzlers, this polygonistic free-moving experience is right up your alley. Polygonistic? I know that isn’t a word, it’s one of those words you use when trying to describe something. In this case, it’s how the game is made up of triangles and for some reason, that reminds me of polygons.
The ground, trees and even rocks are shaped using triangular polygon-style graphics and that’s what makes it look so… clean. It’s all so smooth and detailed, a world you become so immersed in, you feel like you could live there or at least go camping often enough to discover its depths and the secrets buried within.
I will endeavour to pull that lever and delve deeper, so that one day I may find the Secrets of Rætikon.