Jet Car Stunts Rolling in May

Jet Car Stunts is the upcoming title from bitComposer Games and Grip Games which may just be the thing to keep you occupied this summer. It will launch in May for the PC (on Steam), PlayStation 3 with Vita and Xbox 360 versions arriving later.

Feel the rush of adrenaline on 36 tracks with lots of challenges, huge jumps and moving platforms and spirals. JET CAR STUNTS has three different game modes tasking players to finish the race using boost, sheer skill and ability.
Jet Car Stunts Jet Car Stunts Jet Car Stunts

  • Compete with your Jet Cars in three different game modes (Platforming / Time Trial & Collector) and show them all how you measure up.
  • Reach the unreachable in the new Collector mode, while staying on the track!
  • Experience the game now with beautiful, improved HD graphics and an integrated damage system that makes your stunts look even more spectacular!
  • Set the fastest times! Pit yourself against the best of the best, beat the times of your opponents in the asynchronous multiplayer and set yourself apart!
  • Test your skills in multiple, challenging levels of difficulty!
  • 36 extraordinary courses that are more foe than friend!