The X Factor 2009 – Stacey Solomon

Well, it’s been almost 12 months since I last blogged… why I let myself suffer with such a crappy PC for so long, I don’t know, but now armed with a laptop, I can get back to business…

I want to make my first post of 2009 about a brilliantly talented singer that should win The X Factor 2009 (at least, I think she should anyway), Stacey Solomon that I took a shine to from the start. She has such a bubbly, but goofy personality that makes me laugh every time I hear her, but her voice is sublime and even if she doesn’t win, she’ll get some kind of deal and I’ll certainly be buying her stuff.

Featured in this post are all the available official videos of her on The X Factor and will be kept updated until she’s either voted out or most preferably, won.



Judges House

Live Show 1

Live Show 2

Live Show 3

Live Show 4

Live Show 5

Live Show 6

Live Show 7

Live Show 8 Song 1

Live Show 8 Song 2

Great that she made it into the semi final, her first song wasn’t her best performance and was just the wrong song to be picked for her, but she really brings it all out in the second song!

Semi Final – Song 1

Semi Final – Song 2

YES! Stacey is through to the final and although I’d love her to win, Joe is favourite and deservedly so, he has an absolutely great voice, the only thing about him is that I think he’s
more suited to musicals rather than a recording artist. Even if she takes second place, someone will snap her up for a recording deal and I would be pleased with that result.

Ok, so she somehow got voted out of the final showdown. How Olly got more votes then her, I don’t know since when I tried to phone my vote through for Stacey, the line was busy for around the first 10-15 minutes of the lines being open, yet when I called to place a vote for Olly (on behalf of the other half), I got straight through. Fixed? Well I think there’s something dodgy going on and Olly just happens to be Cowell’s last hope…

Anyway, here are her final performances…

Final Song 1

Final Song 2

Final Song 3

I’d like to wish her good luck for the future and hope it isn’t the last time we hear of her…

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