Vista Aurora R4DS Skin

Ok, so I decided to make a ‘proper’ Vista style skin and I’ve based it on the Aurora background.

It actually looks better than I thought it would and probably has the best working colour scheme that I’ve done so far, you can actually see everything instead of having to squint (except the bit that says ‘R4DS ‘, but you don’t really need to see that anyway).

You can either click the image to download it or take a look at the others on the R4DS Skins page where the rest of my creations are.

I may decide to do a bunch of other Vista style skins featuring the various backgrounds and rather than ‘announce’ them on here, I’ll just stick 12 together and offer them as one big download. As much as I’d like to offer an anime pack of skins, I’m not sure which are the popular series or what characters are peoples favourites.