The Weaponographist PC Review

The Weaponographist doesn’t really make sense, but what else would you call a rogue-like that looks like a Diablo town at the start, but then plays like The Binding of Isaac? Issac the Diablo?

So what is The Weaponographist? You wander into town with a desire to go on a quest to defeat as many enemies as possible throughout various rooms by using whatever weapon you can lay your hands on. That’s… pretty much it. It’s hard to review a game that’s so basic, what can I say?

The controls are simple, yet a bit awkward. You can either use WASD + arrow keys or a controller, the controller makes things a bit easier due to being able to use the shoulder buttons to pick things up, but using the A B X Y buttons to fire in different directions is a bit of a novelty.

The best tip I can give is to be sure to upgrade, it makes things a lot easier. You ‘unlock’ weapons as you progress and once you die, you can then upgrade the power of the weapons by spending goo. Some weapons are better than others, but I suppose that’s no surprise as most games have that feature.

Doug McGrave is just a character, you don’t feel any particular relevance to him, his brief story is that a witch put a curse on him and he has to save a town to be rid of it. The town doesn’t seem to be in any danger, it’s just a place to buy and upgrade stuff.

It’s a bit blustering to start, I wasn’t sure what was going on until I got used to the enemies and even then, some of them are frustrating. It’s a time-waster that you can just spend half hour having a quick blast, but that’s enough. I’d like to like The Weaponographist more and I probably would if it hadn’t been done before.

Some will like it, some won’t and that’s why I’d recommend trying the demo first. I’m bored with it already and it’s not even officially released yet. It has some appeal, but not enough to keep me interested long enough to carry on playing it.