Legrand Legacy Kickstarter Funded

Legrand Legacy – Tale of the Fatebounds, to give its full title, was originally a Kickstarter campaign asking for the handsome sum of £85,000. There was a lot of interest, some high-profile people and websites gave it praise, yet that didn’t warrant a success story.

Maybe because of all the interest from said people, maybe just because someone had a very vested interest, but Semisoft were given half of the funds they were trying to raise, which meant if a second Kickstarter of £40,000 was successful, Legrand Legacy would become a reality.

“We’re proud of the community that we’ve built during both Kickstarter campaigns for Legrand Legacy. Not only did they show us full support for rebooting the campaign, they’ve returned enforce and have pushed us over the funding line! We now hope achieve some of the stretch goals, that we’ve revealed and look forward to delivering Legrand Legacy to our eager fans. The team and I are now even more motivated, thanks to the funding, press and public reception to our game, to live up to the expectations of true JRPG fans everywhere”

said William “Uwil” Winata, lead game designer at SEMISOFT.
The first Kickstarter campaign only managed to raise just over £65,000 before reaching the end of the campaign unsuccessful. Despite asking for less than half of the original funds, the new campaign has reached its goal with just over two days to go and has reached almost £41,000, now it’s a case of hitting stretch goals to bring more content to the backers.
Visit the Legrand Legacy – Tale of the Fatebounds Kickstarter page to check on its progress and maybe even pledge to help bring the stretch goals closer.
There’s also a Steam page for you to keep track of…

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