Bethesda Opens EU Store

Bethesda has finally opened a store in Europe, so that you won’t have to pay that $13 UPS shipping charge. The ironic thing though, it’s based in Germany which means they get the cheapest shipping cost.

I’ve looked on the Bethesda Store many times and wanted to buy something when they’ve had a sale, but the cost of shipping from the US has meant it wasn’t worth it. Now that there’s a store based in the EU, shipping is much cheaper and there’s even a free option if you spend over €50 (50 Euro).
Prey Merchandise on Bethesda Store
Merchandise for all your favourite Bethesda games is there, from DOOM to Fallout to Wolfenstein, whether it’s a t-shirt, poster or headwear, it’s all there. The thing about the store is you’re charged in Euro, so you can either choose the GBP option or just pay in Euro, you’re charged the appropriate exchange rate anyway, so it doesn’t matter.
Anyway, if you want to check it out, visit and take a look around!