Kitty Powers’ Love Life Coming Soon

Kitty Powers’ Love Life is the next game in what could be a series of virtual matchmaking for those of you who enjoy puns and saucy double entendres.

You may remember the previous outing of Kitty Powers (my video is at the bottom of this post) where it was all about just putting people together in the hope they became compatible partners.

This time, it’s all about creating a village for those who have been matched and taking that matchmaking to the next level.

Kitty Powers' Love Life
From the creators of ‘Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker’, ‘Kitty Powers’ Love Life’ will launch on 8 February 2018 and will set players a new challenge, where they ‘take the helm’ of one of Kitty’s new ‘Love Villages’, where newly match made couples can apply to live and have their relationship nurtured to fruition by a 24-hour love coach, YOU!

It will be available on PC (Steam), Mobile (iOS, Android) and Kindle to start, with a possible console release later on.

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If you haven’t seen Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker, here’s my gameplay video and here’s the review