Killing a Hardcore Wither

OH. MY. GOLLY. GOSH! No idea how I managed to do it or the base survived, but I took on the Wither last night and … well…

…It didn’t quite go to plan.

I had precariously planned the event, I’d taken so much time to craft things and set up what I thought would be a killing space, for it to go awry.

What I had forgotten was that the Project Ozone Lite modpack contains a mod called Hardcore Wither. This means that I can’t farm Withers like I could in FTB Beyond, it’s a little bit tougher in POL.

Apparently, a better way to defeat the Hardcore Wither is to spawn them in the Nether which seems sensible as they can’t destroy things in the overworld.

If you’d like to see me take on the Hardcore Wither in the Nether, tune in to my Twitch channel where I try to go live at 21:00 (9pm) GMT, but usually more like 21:30-22:00. Follow me on Twitter for better updates!

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