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Chibi Island Officially Released

Chibi Island is one of those typical mobile games you’ve probably seen an advert for while playing another game to get bonuses.

The official launch brings with it a fully-featured version of Chibi Island updated with new Match3 play as well as daily quests, and new in-game themes including Wild West and ancient China.

Chibi Island inherits the visual style and main heroes from Island Experiment. Now, our heroes will explore the island to unleash the mystery of the Pyramid with more diversity in gameplay and a more transparent in-game economy for improved farm management.

But the key upgrade is the completely new approach to storytelling. It is a much deeper narrative with several engaging plotlines that come together in the big finale, and additional care has been taken to better develop the characters of the game. There is also a stronger mutual integration between the story and gameplay.

It’s a very popular game coming up to 30 million installs since it’s initial launch on social media channels (most likely Facebook) back in 2014, but has gone through an extensive overhaul to become a whole new game.

You can download it for Android and iOS, but I will warn you that it has in-app purchases in the form of Gems which can cost as much as $17.99 on iOS for a Large Gem Bundle.