Snowbunny’s Gift Grab Links with Motorbunny

Snowbunny’s Gift Grab is a game that isn’t quite of the norm. That’s why this post comes with an ADULT WARNING as the following is aimed at 18+ adult gamers due to containing sexual content (no nudity).

Motorbunny is a machine which is known as a ride-on-top vibrator similar to the more commonly known, Sybian. The difference is, there is something called the Motorbunny LINK which enables you to connect your mobile phone for more control.

Snowbunny’s Gift Grab, which is synced to the ride-on-top sex machine using Motorbunny LINK technology offers an approachable introduction to “the most powerful vibrator in the world”.

“After the success of Fappy Bunny, our first integrated mobile game, we quickly realized how powerful Motorbunny LINK technology is as a tool for transforming how people view and interact with sex toys,” said Craig Mewbourne, CMO of Motorbunny. “Snowbunny’s Gift Grab is just the next in line of many LINK-enabled experiences to come.”

Snowbunny’s Gift Grab is the second mobile game designed to interact directly with a pleasure device, and was released in partnership with developers Fluffer Games, letting users experience vibration feedback in response to on-screen action. Users control the Snowbunny character by touching the screen of their mobile device to navigate through the streets collecting gifts before it snows. But beware! Crashing into obstacles or buildings ends Snowbunny’s ride, and activates the “buzz” on yours.

Motorbunny Machine

“We love what we do,” said Brooks Butler, a Motorbunny founding principal. “We are constantly imagining and innovating to create and bring new experiences to Motorbunny users thanks to LINK technology. We are 100% sure we are working with the most dynamic vibrator on Earth, and that is why we want to give it even more dimension. And we plan to continue developing more features and games.”

In addition to providing a unique gaming experience, Snowbunny’s Gift Grab makes use of the open Application Programming Interface (API) that gives users access to create their own creative integrations with the Motorbunny LINK controller and app.

You can download the game from the Apple App Store or Google Play and if you’re interested in what the Motorbunny actually is (besides the image above), check out the website and a list of Motorbunny LINK games can be found on this page.

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