Isn't Lava Loops a Cereal?

iPad is a Wi-Fi 64 GB version
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Apparently not and that’s a good thing due to it being inedible anyway, unless you class it as saying the iPhone eats the data, chews it up and spits it back out to what you see on screen, but that’s just silly.
“Didn’t it come out on the iPad, not the iPhone?” Who said that? Well whoever asked that is correct, but the reason for this news is that Nuevo Retro Games has announced that they have released Lava Loops for the iPhone and has the same simple game mechanics and game modes found on the iPad.

What you gotta do:
Spin the pipe pieces and race against the clock to create completely sealed loops in Time Attack, the larger the loop the higher the rewards. Try your hand at Challenge mode by completing the task presented, how hard can it be to make 5 loops with 20 pieces each in 2 minutes?  You’ll find it’s not so easy!   Or you can relax and take your time, perfecting your skills with no pressure in Endless mode.
There’s also an update for the iPad version that adds more challenges and the new shake feature from the iPhone version.
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