Capcom Rips Off Twisted Pixel

No doubt you’ve already heard, Twisted Pixel, the guys behind the Xbox Live Arcade hit, ‘Splosion Man have been pretty much ripped off by Capcom and their latest iPhone release, MaXplosion.

It’s not just the name that has obviously been copied, pretty much the whole premise of the game has too, with the main rip being the gameplay. ‘Splosion Man is based on you controlling a character that makes little explosions to jump and guess what… Yup, MaXplosion does the same, so, shall we take a look at the similarities?
First off, the logo/main screen…

Orange colours and a grinning character?  check!
Character jumping…

‘Explode’ to jump? Check!
Scientist types in lab coats…

They’re in different coloured coats, yet very similar. Check!
So, what we have is a blatant rip from a game that Twisted Pixel originally went to Capcom with, ‘Splosion Man, but the kick in the teeth is that Capcom said no, with a finger down the throat of hypocrisy that due to Twisted Pixel being a small company compared to the global mega Godlike Capcom, they can’t really sue.
If it was the other way around, Capcom would soon throw their rattle out of the pram, claim every possible copyright infringement and run Twisted Pixel into the ground. Oh well, I think the lesson here is not to approach a high profile company who will then rip you off by releasing something very similar on another format.