Join Mental's Hoarde

While I would like that to be something affiliated with this site, I’m afraid it’s not and is about the Serious Sam 3 Mental’s Horde, a recruitment drive for people willing to be included in the upcoming prequel.

“We’re seeking recruits for every division from Headless Kamikazes and Scrapjacks, to accounting and risk management,” said Beth Hughes, HR director for Mental’s Horde. “But honestly we’ll accept anyone with a high school education and the willingness to have their head surgically removed.”

Sounds like just the job I’m qualified for, but wait, there’s more…

  • The Headless Kamikaze: Screams of Glory – Take a look at one man’s journey from regional sales manager to Headless Kamikaze.
  • Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack Demo – Give the upcoming mobile game a spin and see if you have what it takes to bring down Sam.


  • Scrapjack Photo App – Place your mug in the head of a Scrapjack to see what you would look like as a grotesquely overweight monster with rocket launcher arms. Fun!

Head on over to to sign up and become part of Mental’s Horde, you should be in with a chance since they’re looking for around five billion or more.

“Our benefit package is outstanding and includes medical, dental and paid time off,” added Bath Hughes. “Though we don’t offer life insurance policies because, well, you’re almost certainly going to die in a hail of gunfire.”

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