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Games with Gold

September 2020 Games with Gold

September 2020, who would have thought we would have made it this far… Anyway, a little late, but if you haven’t already claimed them, there are some pretty decent Games with Gold this month.

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LogitechG Gaming Deals

LogitechG gaming deals happen every now and then on Amazon and you can get some great products at amazing prices.

Humble Streaming Software Bundle

Stream Like a Pro

Stream like a pro with a new bundle which includes software and licenses starting from just a one month subscription to a year of premium content.

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Streaming and Highlight Vids

I keep meaning to use this like a blog as intended, but I tend to mostly post on Twitter and Facebook. I’m useless at time management, so it comes as no surprise that I hardly post here as much as I should.

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Top Logitech Products at Low Prices

Let me just start off by saying this is NOT a promotional/sponsored post. I’m a Logitech fanboy and have been for years. I have the Z323 Speaker System, K120 Keyboard, G29 Wheel and gear stick and the G402 Mouse. I like Logitech.

The Fail of OnLive

I was always dubious about OnLive. I wanted to be an early adopter, but it wasn’t until 2011 when I finally registered and even then I only did so because I got a free game, LEGO Batman.

Kinect-less Xbox One More Appealing?

With Microsoft announcing the Xbox One becoming available without the Kinect, has it made it more appealing to buying one now? Many have said it was just a gimmick and was the why they didn’t get the console at launch.

[Preview] Secrets of Raetikon

Secrets of Raetikon is actually spelled Secrets of Rætikon, but for SEO sake, it’s better to use ‘ae’ instead of ‘æ’. That’s not the point of this post, that would be silly, this is a site (or blog, whatever you wanna call it) about indie gaming, not social media and SEO.

MG FreePlay: Serena

Serena is a free game on Steam which is a dark, atmospheric point and click adventure. Some may call it a horror game, I suppose you could tag it that, but it’s more about a sinister discovery which becomes more clear towards the end.

MG FreePlay: The Plan

Hello and welcome to a new thing. MG FreePlay will be a feature piece on something new that was played, but is off the radar and more importantly, is free to play. We’re not just talking MMO’s here, free games in general, although, some may be a MMO.