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Ditch Your PS3.. for Just $100?

I have heard little praise for Microsoft’s Xbox One, so little that I can honestly not remember seeing someone say a good thing about it, although the games have had praise, the fact the console seems to crash often detracts from the quality of the games.

I will admit to being pro-Xbox when the Xbox 360 was launched as I just didn’t like the PlayStation, specifically the controller (I still don’t like it), in fact, I didn’t own a PlayStation 2 until around 2010 and that was only because I started getting review copies of games for it.

I only really wanted the PlayStation 3 because of its Blu-ray capabilities, but then PlayStation Plus was announced and BOY was that a game-changer.

I had long been considering the worth of Xbox Live, I was literally getting nothing for it, just the ability to play online and have access to apps on the console. I very rarely played online, so I was just paying to access apps that I could do so for free on the PlayStation 3, so I let the subscription run out and never renewed it.

 Anyway, getting side-tracked… Recently, Microsoft sneaked out an ad which was caught by people, it claimed they would give you $100 store credit towards the Xbox One. Let me just say why MS can go screw themselves:

  1. Only $100? (approx £60) My PS3 is in great condition, it’s worth 2x that.
  2. Why would I want to when I get great games and cloud space on PlayStation Plus?

Microsoft are playing catch-up this generation. They’re still relying on their main gimmick, the Kinect to sell the console and to be honest, it’s just not working. The PlayStation 4 has a lot more to offer and so does the PS3.

There is no way I would get rid of my PS3, even if M$ offered to give me a free Xbox One with every available game right now, maybe if they offered Xbox Live and free games for life…

Let The Following Begin

I had a mass sort out on Twitter by putting people into lists, so that I can control what I see better, it also means I can follow back without being spammed constantly by tweets.

I mostly only have two lists in view at the same time, the other two lists contain followers that aren’t particularly relevant to my interests, but are mutually following.

I probably shouldn’t admit that here in the event someone reads this who are not in the two main lists (I think you could probably work it out if you know what I tweet about).

Anyway, been playing more GTA Online today and saw the most obvious glitcher yet:

GTA Online Glitcher

There is NO way he got to level 1000 legitimately, in fact, I don’t think anyone over level 300 got there by playing the game properly.

As for The Following, it’s back on TV and I’m just off to watch the first episode of season 2!