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Videogame top 10

FIFA 15 Scores Top Spot Again

FIFA 15 has kept its place at the top of the charts after spending a little time just below. Of course it will go back to the top, all the kids want it for Christmas and it comes bundled with the latest consoles.

Diablo III Reaps Charts

A new week, a new month, a new number one in the gaming charts. Diablo III: Reaper of Souls has knocked The Last of Us: Remastered down to second place, while Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare has jumped right up to spot number three.

The Last of Us: ReMastered Holds Lead

I’ve said it before, this is what happens when games aren’t released. ONE new game made it into the Top 40, Ultra Street Fighter IV entered at number 15. It’s not even a NEW game, really, it’s just an old game with ‘Ultra’ plonked on the end.

Sniper Elite III Holds Its Ground

Sniper Elite III has kept the number one chart spot for another week which may seem unprecedented, but you know what? When you price a game at a figure people are willing to pay, it will sell well and have a decent success.

505 Games Snipe Top Spot

It’s nice when there’s a new number one in the charts, even better when it’s not an Electronic Arts game, which is why seeing Sniper Elite III at the top is a rather pleasant site indeed.

Watch Dogs Guard Charts

Watch Dogs is still hacking away at the top of the charts this week, despite a valiant effort by 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil shooting up to second place and a new entry just makes it into the top 20.

FIFA Top of Charts for 12th Week

Chart time again and a new leader, again. FIFA 14 has somehow still managed to outsell Titanfall and everything else to take back the number one spot in this weeks chart. It’s actually a little interesting, too.

Titanfall Rises Again

Titanfall must be more amazing than Spider-Man as it re-takes the top of the charts. It seems yet more people are still buying FIFA 14 as it takes second place and even Minecraft on the Xbox 360 creeps up in to fourth place.

Titanfall Leads Charts Once More

Titanfall has kept the top spot for another week in the charts, Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition has actually climbed a couple of places. For a game that only has skin packs released for it, Minecraft X360 has lasted a long time in the top ten.

Titanfall Rises to Chart Top

Titanfall has dislodged FIFA 14 from the top of the charts which is a relief, but it might only last for one week unless more people realise it’s now available for the Xbox 360 and go out to buy it. Please do, to hold off FIFA.