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Civilization goes Next-Gen

I meant to add this yesterday, but I forgot about it and started doing other stuff…

Sid Meier said,

Civilization Revolution is the game I’ve always wanted to make! We are excited to take advantage of the power of next generation consoles and the ingenuity of handhelds, to create a great and unique strategy game for newcomers to the series, as well as the millions of fans around the world who enjoy Civilization on the PC.

I must admit, I like this kind of game, kinda like The Settlers and stuff like that, I’m not a big fan of strategy games, but I am quite partial to what’s known as ‘God games’.

Some of the key features that will resonate with fans of strategy games and the Civilization franchise include 16 civilizations to master and lead to victory, an array of famous historical leaders to play as or compete against, and accessible maps and streamlined time scale for quicker games, intense combat, and constant action. In online multiplayer mode, players will compete for world conquest and glory among their peers as they battle in teams, head-to-head or epic free-for-all matches.

In addition, auto-matching, ranked games, leaderboards, achievements, downloadable extra content and integrated video and voice chat make the online play more versatile and fun than any previous version of Civilization and will allow players to see where they stand against the competition. Finally, the position of ruler of the world can be settled online.

Sounds good to me, the only thing I’m not that keen on with these kind of games on consoles is that they really need a mouse to play, not a pad. I think if the Xbox 360 (for example) had a mouse and keyboard, these kind of games would sell loads due to not everyone having a PC capable of running the latest Civ type games.

Anyway, Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution will be released in spring 2008 for ‘next generation consoles’ and handhelds, if you want more info, visit

The Streamer Vlog

It’s been a while since I did a Vlog, so I thought I’d do one mainly to show I’ve got streaming working on my Xbox 360 and I mention stuff about what’s been previously featured on my blog.

I’m not bothering to have a haircut today, I changed my mind and will go on Monday instead…

The reason I mention the URL to my blog is for the people that view it on YouTube. :)

Command & Conquer 3 Demo on XBMP

Just a heads up to people that have been waiting for the Command & Conquer 3 demo, it’s up on the Xbox Live Marketplace at 1GB.

I’m not really a fan of the C&C series or RTS games in general, so I won’t be downloading it, but for anyone that’s interested, gogogo!

Xbox 360 Marketplace stuff

I haven’t bothered to turn on my X360 for a while (almost 10 days) and so I thought I’d take a look to see what’s on there and here’s a list since my last visit…

– Classic arcade shooter
Boom Boom Rocket – EA’s rhythm rocket detonator game
3D Ultra Minigolf – Exactly what it says

Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia

Command & Conquer 3
Halo 3
The Darkness
Virtua Tennis 3

Note that some of these I’ve listed aren’t new and may have been up for some time, so before you say that they’ve been available for a while, re-read the first line of this post. ;)

A shit achievement

A reward for taking a dump

I know this isn’t exactly new news or anything, but you can literally get an achievement for shit. I’ve been attempting to play games in between my TV switching itself off and earlier today, I unlocked the above achievement for getting a Taffly to eat a berry and take a dump to create fertilizer.

Who says shit ain’t worth shit?! ;)