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The Most Popular iOS Apps of All Time

Have you ever wondered what the most popular iOS apps of all time are? App Annie has compiled lists of apps, the ones featured here are just the most downloaded games, but I’ll put the apps list at the bottom if you want to know.

War Thunder Flies Through Clouds

War Thunder can now be played on mobile devices which are capable of running the OnLive client. Oh, and if you have a subscription to the CloudLift service at about £5 a month of course… and an internet connection.

Build ANNO Empire on iPad

I’ve always had a thing for ANNO games, I played ANNO 1701 on the Nintendo DS and was instantly hooked, that said, I’ve never took the plunge and bought ANNO 1404 on the PC yet. This is about ANNO for the iPad, though.

CSI: Hidden Crimes Detected on Mobile Devices

CSI is one of the longest running shows on TV, so it stands to reason there would be games based on it. CSI: Hidden Crimes is reminiscent of the Facebook game (if you remember or played that), but on mobile devices.

Pigs Will Fly in Crisp Bacon

You’re sitting there, bored and playing on your phone or tablet, doing nothing in particular when you decide to see what’s available on Google Play. The problem is, it’s all the same old stuff and obvious apps featuring in-app purchases to suck more money out of you.

Fight Genetic Mutants on Your Mobile

Mutants: Genetic Gladiators from Kobojo has launched on mobile devices today. The role-playing game allows you to create your own breed of fighter to take on a variety of mutants which can have genes spliced to enhance abilities.

T-Rex Savages Pure Pinball

Dinosaurs are still cool, right? If you’re a Pure Pinball fan and want a new table to play, the T-Rex Savage table update is now available. Some things have been fixed and even the artwork has had a makeover to give a more vintage feel.

Circix, the Surprisingly Good Puzzler

Sometimes, devs will just contact on Twitter with “try out our game” or something along those lines, which isn’t a bad thing. It doesn’t hurt to reach out in such a straightforward manner and it’s just what @CircixGame did, so here’s a post about Circix.