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If there’s news about something on a Windows Phone, it’ll be here.

Circix, the Surprisingly Good Puzzler

Sometimes, devs will just contact on Twitter with “try out our game” or something along those lines, which isn’t a bad thing. It doesn’t hurt to reach out in such a straightforward manner and it’s just what @CircixGame did, so here’s a post about Circix.

Get Board with Tile Temple Tactics

Tile Temple Tactics from AppyNation is a bit like Mahjong and is due to release next week on all mobile devices. Developed by Proper Games, it’s a ‘virtual board game’ for all the family and best of all, it’s free.

Top Gear: Race The Stig App Available

I have to admit I was a little shocked to get an email from the BBC, then when I saw it was for a game called Top Gear: Race The Stig, I still wondered how I got the email. Regardless of that, Top Gear fans can now race against The Stig in a new, free app.

Chickens Invade Windows Phones

When I first saw the ‘Revenge of the Yolk’ part of the title of this game, it reminded me of the old dizzy game, Prince of the Yolkfolk, but this is nothing to do with just an egg, it’s about chickens, rather violent ones.

WP7 Game Gets Your Sticks Rizing

Here’s a quick bit of news about a free ad-based game on the Windows Phone 7 which is a dual stick arena shooter, so the controls are somewhat like using the analog sticks (do people still call them that?) of an Xbox 360 controller, anyway, it looks rather good and here’s a fact sheet…

Paradox Exit Coming To WP7

This is one of those where all you’re given is a YouTube video and expected to come up with an article, not sure how that’s possible as the only info I can give is that Paradox Exit is inspired by the likes of Terrarria and Minecraft and is being released for Windows Phone 7.

Cryptogram Lands on WP7

Based on the classic puzzle game available in thousands of newspapers and books across the globe, you can now bring hundreds of cryptogram puzzles with you at your fingertips on your Windows Phone!

WP7 Welcomes Morons

Thanks to DinstinctDev, you can now take The Moron Test if you own a Windows Phone 7 and see if you can pass with flying colours or be labelled thick as pig… muck. “We’re excited to bring The Moron Test to Windows Phone 7’s Zune Marketplace, because we’re very optimistic about the platform’s potential to gain widespread adoption. Nokia’s plan to begin using Windows Phone 7 for their devices was a surprise that makes the launch of this version even more fitting,” says Berkeley Malagon, President and CEO of DistinctDev. “We have always been eager to bring our game to as many people and platforms as possible. The Moron Test is an experience that is best shared with friends, so we want to make sure that all smartphone users have the chance to enjoy our app.”

Worm Noms WP7

FREE! Yes, MG’s favourite word and it applies to a Windows 7 phone game called Nom Nom Worm, a simple game of controlling a little yellow blob that gets bigger as you go around eating food that’s randomly placed, while avoiding other things that can kill you.

PES Coming To WP7

Image via CrunchBase Yay, mobile news that has something to report on other than just screens or video. It seems Konami are bringing Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 to the Windows Phone 7, or just, PES 2011 to WP7 for short. “PES 2011 arrives on a new format, bringing its intense realism and stunning gameplay to a whole new audience,” commented Florian Stronk, Head of Network Business Development for Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH. “PES gamers can now hone their skills while away from their system, while the true ethos of PES – skill, timing and beautiful football – can be enjoyed at any time, everywhere.”