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If a game is coming to the Mac, it will be in this category.

Do You Dare Be The Man Without Fear?

It’s quite a coincidence that I linked to an old Marvel Heroes post featuring Daredevil on Twitter recently due to the new Netflix series launching last Friday. Now you can dress as the “Man Without Fear” in the MMO.

Tokyo Dark Trailer Released

Tokyo Dark is an indie 2D adventure game which has recently launched on Steam’s Greenlight and also has a new trailer for you to watch, as revealed by Cherrymochi today.

Crookz Take You on a Heist

Crookz is a brand new tactical strategy game developed by Skilltree Studios and published by Kalypso Media, so stick on the funkiest record you can find and begin a plot to form the elaborate heists that will fuel a whole era of hedonism.

Habitat to be Published by Versus Evil

Versus Evil is an indie publisher who already has a few notches on their belt, the latest being 4gency’s Habitat. Habitat: A Thousand Generations in Orbit, to give its full title is in development for the Xbox One and PC.

Habitat Meets Kickstarter Goal

Habitat: A Thousand Generations in Orbit has successfully reached its Kickstarter target, as usual, there are some stretch goals. The initial $50,000 has been met, but $150,000 would reach its full potential.

Tropico 5 Gets Global Release Date

It won’t be long until you’ll be sitting on the island of Tropico as El Presidente as Kalypso Media have announced the release date for Tropico 5. The PC version launches globally on the same day, with console and Mac versions arriving later.

OlliOlli Flipping On To PC, PS3 and PS4

OlliOlli launched on the PlayStation Vita to some success, so will now get ported to the PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 this Summer. Blitworks will help bring it to PlayStation consoles while Devolver Digital will kick-flip it on to the PC market.

First Tropico 5 Gameplay Trailer

The Tropico franchise is rather popular, so popular that Kalypso have decided it needs a fifth outing. So, along with some information, prepare yourselves for over forty screenshots and the first gameplay trailer.

Greenlight Passes Another 50 Titles

For some, it’s a very long wait before they even make it to the top 100, others already have a fanbase and can reach the top 20 in a few months, but now the wait is over for another 50 successful applicants in Steam’s Greenlight process.