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Mass Effect 3 Goes Against All Odds

No, there’s nothing in relation to any cheesy music here, just more epic gameplay visuals to make you drool even more at the prospect of playing the third Mass Effect as a new trailer shows seemless playing and cutscene interactions, if the game turns out as good as it looks, it will be hard to beat for Game of the Year.

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Alan Wake Goes PC with First Image

Alan Wake Logo

It’s all over the internet, gamers everywhere are in a frenzy, why? Alan Wake is making his way onto the PC, why that’s such an exciting revolution in the world of videogames is a little baffling since the console (well, Xbox 360) version scored quite well (83 metascore) with critical acclaim, yet seemed to have gamers complaining using such phrases as, “This took 4 years to develop? Waste of time.”, so what will make the PC version better?

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Imposters Take Over Gotham City

Warner Bros. Interactive and DC Entertainment are in the process of releasing a beta for Gotham City Imposters which will be a download only game on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, but before that happens, there are some screenshots and a trailer to see, with a bit of info to let you know what it’s about.

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