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For the odd bit of PC gaming news


I completed Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for the PS2 ages ago, not 100% with all tags tagged and whatever, but the main game completed. That’s why just the other day, I thought I’d take a look at the PC version to see if it was any different and strangely enough, even though I’ve only played the first half a dozen missions, it’s not too different.


One thing I was a bit disappointed with was that it doesn’t quite support the Xbox 360 pad. It’s fine for moving around and doing stuff, but the right analogue stick doesn’t work and would be ideal for looking around if it did work in the same way as on the PS2.

I’ve kinda got used to using the keyboard and mouse now, I’m pretty handy with the keyboard when driving and can pull of some good driving skills which I couldn’t do with a pad, so I guess I’ll just stick to that!

HL² reinstalled

I’ve had the Collector’s Edition of Half-Life² for ages, yet I’ve only played just under an hours worth of it due to messing around with Garry’s Mod more at the time.

Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

So, I’ve decided to reinstall it and start playing it again, I’ve also installed Half-Life Source to have a go at that since I didn’t bother with it before. I didn’t bother installing Counter Strike: Source though, as popular as it is, I just don’t like it and never played it online, so I’m not going to waste HDD space.

Call of Duty 4 demo

Well, I wasn’t sure how well I could run it with a minimum spec graphics card (ATi X700, equivalent to nVidia 6600), but it seems that I could play it with 2xAA and 2xAF (I think it was 2xAF) @ 1024*768, as well as moving a few other settings up a notch too.

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It would play a lot better at just 800*600, but I was quite surprised at how well it ran. I’m not a particularly big fan of ‘war’ FPS games, so I won’t be buying the full game even though I enjoyed playing the demo. It was good fun and anyone who’s a fan of the CoD series will really like it, the main reason I played it was to experience a new PC game, something I haven’t done for literally years.

My specs are only an Intel Celeron D, 3.20 GHz, ATi Radeon X700 and 2GB of RAM and I managed to play it at above ‘optimal’ settings, so as long as you have a CPU of 2GHz or over, a graphics card better than an X700 (/nVidia 6600) and plenty of RAM, you should be able to play it!

More images, 2 @ 800*600 and 2 @ 1280*1024 (1280 pics will only display at 1024 due to MediaFire’s restriction)

Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire
Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

Graphics Hero

Found a bargain on the HotUKDeals forums for a graphics card that will do for me, an ATi Radeon X700 for £16.43 ($34.33USD, €23.40EUR).

ATi Radeon X700

Although I don’t have Guitar Hero II for the Xbox 360 and therefore, no guitar controller, I downloaded the Guitar Hero III demo anyway and got rather hooked on it, so I’ve also ordered the PS2 version of Guitar Hero II with guitar controller which was fairly cheap (cheapest on the net after quite a search).

I have to use the pad to play the demo, but it’s not that bad and I’m fairly good at the songs on easy, medium is a bit harder due to needing to use the blue fret and it gets a bit confusing, I like it though and I might even get GHIII for the PS2!

RAM alama ding dong

Installed the 2GB of RAM I ordered from the Crucial website today and wow, it feels strange having so much RAM, I don’t know what to do!

I’ve been able to play a few games better due to having surplus RAM, such as Football Manager 2008, I was just able to play it before with just the 512MB I had (-64MB on board graphics -200MB system resources = 246MB of usable RAM), but now I don’t have to worry.

I tried Joost and couldn’t see the point in it, there was nothing I wanted to watch on there, so that got uninstalled after an hour (I tried watching a bit of [Adult Swim], but there isn’t much on there). I tried the Channel 4 4oD (4 on Demand) thing, that’s not bad, I like the way it can stream, unlike the BBC iPlayer which isn’t really a player at all.

I was able to catch up with Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares of which I’d missed the first 2 episodes of the new series, but there doesn’t seem to be any previous episodes of My Name Is Earl on 4oD. The BBC iPlayer is mainly just a content manager since you basically download the programs onto your computer, after a bit of messing around, I streamed the episode of QI that I’d downloaded through the Xbox 360. Not bad quality at 720p, but it’s not as good a service as 4oD…

The bargain post

Imaginative title eh! I didn’t know what to make today’s post about, so I’ll just mention that I managed to order 2GB of Crucial RAM for a bargain price of £32.89 ($69.03USD/€47.20EUR), that should help run the few games I play better until I get a graphics card that won’t strain the 300W PSU.

Another bargain was to be had in the form of 15 Horrid Henry books for £14.99 ($31.47USD/€21.51EUR) from Red House where there’s a good selection of books for kids of between 6 months and 16 years old. The kids like to watch Horrid Henry on TV and youngest daughter recently brought home one of the books from the school library, so I think they’ll enjoy having their own books to read through.

In other recent discoveries, I found out that Alter Bridge released a 2nd album of which totally rocks and Puddle of Mudd have released a 3rd album which although I’ve listened through once, I was kinda in and out of the room and so didn’t really listen to it properly.

Now I just need to keep up with my TV progs…

BioShock PC demo today

The moment a lot of PC gamers have been waiting for is almost here…

The wait is nearly over. At 7 PM EST the BioShock PC demo will go live for you to enjoy. We will have exclusive pre-loading at Fileplanet. Set your watches for 7 o’clock!

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to download the latest drivers from ATI and Nvidia that will be available Monday for best performance with your video cards.

If you’re wondering what spec you’ll need to run it (as well as the full game, obviously)…

Operating Systems:
Windows XP (with Service Pack 2) or
Windows Vista

Minimum System Requirements:
CPU: Pentium 4 2.4GHz Single Core processor
System RAM: 1GB
Video Card: Direct X 9.0c compliant video card with 128MB RAM (NVIDIA 6600 or better/ATI X1300 or better, excluding ATI X1550).
Sound Card: 100% direct X 9.0c compatible sound card
Hard disc space: 8GB free space

Recommended System Requirements:
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo processor
System RAM: 2GB
Video card:
DX9: Direct X 9.0c compliant video card with 512MB RAM (NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GT or better)
DX10: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 or better
Sound Card: Sound Blaster® X-Fi™ series (Optimized for use with Creative Labs EAX ADVANCED HD 4.0 or EAX ADVANCED HD 5.0 compatible sound cards)

Important Note: Game requires Internet connection for activation

Remember, 7pm EST (US Eastern Standard Time) Midnight BST (British Summer Time).