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Pretty self-explanatory…

Clandestine [PC Review]

Clandestine is a game I should have reviewed a long time ago, but it got shoved to the pile of unused codes due to me having too much to play and then Fallout 4 happened and everything went to heck.

The Weaponographist PC Review

The Weaponographist doesn’t really make sense, but what else would you call a rogue-like that looks like a Diablo town at the start, but then plays like The Binding of Isaac? Issac the Diablo?

Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker (PC)

Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker is a PC port of a mobile game. I might as well open with that, because, well, that’s what it is. Not many are fun to play and usually better played on a tablet, Kitty makes the transition well.

Pure Pool (Xbox One)

Pure Pool was released a while ago on the PlayStation 4, but I didn’t have any of the next-gen consoles at the time, so requesting a review code was pointless. Also, my old laptop can’t run the PC version, so a Steam code was out of the question.

MouseCraft (PS3/Vita)

MouseCraft is a puzzle game. You have to do things to get mice from A to B. You use Tetris-like blocks which allow the mice to reach their destination, but it all depends on what you do with the blocks that determines how they get the cheese.

10 Second Ninja – The Review

Fast-paced games can be a problem. They can either be annoying or frustrating, thankfully, 10 Second Ninja is frustrating, but not annoying. It’s frustrating in a good way though, because you just want to keep on playing, no matter how much you fail.

[Review] Goodbye Deponia

Goodbye Deponia is a game I actually played all the way through to the end and while it may be relatively short, it was quite an enjoyable journey, although maybe a little long-winded in parts in some attempt to pad-out the length of the game.

[Review] Nihilumbra

I had seen and heard things about Nihilumbra, I was playing other things and hadn’t even thought about asking to review it, but when I was offered the chance, I accepted and started playing it after finishing off other stuff. This is how it went.

[Review] The Banner Saga

If going on lengthy Viking journeys is your thing, you might want to take a look at The Banner Saga. It’s the first part of a trilogy which takes you into battle with an army who need to be kept happy and fed, pretty easy, it’s the fighting that might be the problem.

Risk of Rain

Action games have come a long way. Just look at Tomb Raider, it has blossomed into a thing of beauty from a 32-bit PlayStation game to a .. 32-bit.. PlaySt.. ANYWAY, yes, but Risk of Rain is living proof that you don’t need super high-tech visuals to make a great action game.