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For any PlayStation Portable news that may be released

PSP Sale On PS Store

In need of some games for your aging Sony handheld? Showing that there’s life in the old dog yet, there is a sale going on in the PlayStation Store with PSP titles going for as little as £6.99 and some are even compatible with the Vita.

Canabalt on PlayStation Minis

If you’re looking for something to pass the time, a new game is available on the PlayStation Network or Sony Entertainment Network, whatever it is now called Canabalt and since it’s a Mini, you can play it on the PlayStation 3, PSP and/or Vita.

PSN Becomes SEN, What it Means To You

By now, you may have received an email from Sony to tell you that your PlayStation Network account is changing, do not fret though as it is only changing in name. It will no longer be called a PlayStation Network account, it’s changing to a Sony Entertainment Network account, so what does that mean for you?

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 2: Innocent Sin Available Now

A game that must be in with a chance of having the longest title on the PlayStation Network ever has been released and available for you to purchase, although, I don’t think you’ll have much trouble finding it due to the epic length of its name.

Third NEOGEO Station Released

If you’re old enough to remember the Neo-Geo console or have done a bit of research, you’ll know that the system was quite expensive, but what was even more ridiculous was the cost of the games which, for the time, was really the elite of gaming due to only the rich being able to afford it. If you thought paying £50 for a Nintendo 64 game was bad, think yourself lucky that you didn’t have to pay up to and including £130. Yes, Neo-Geo games would and did cost as much as over £100, that’s why it’s nice that you can buy the old classic games at a WAY lower price on such as Virtual Console or as this news is about, the PlayStation Store.

PlayStation Network Summer Sale

According to the official PS Blog, there isn’t much new content to be found except the anticipated release of Limbo which, if you’re a PS+ member, can benefit from a 20% discount on it’s day of release. EA are having a Summer of Speed promotion featuring bargains on DLC for top titles such as NFS Hot Pursuit and Shift, then there’s the latest addon for Fallout: New Vegas, Old World Blues, as well as the usual inclusion of avatars and themes.

OMG-Z! Zombies!

When Laughing Jackal heard about the woeful lack of preparation by England’s councils in dealing with the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse, they decided that they must take immediate action. In order to prepare the nation, they have created a blood splattering, zombie killing, chain-reaction shooter called OMG -Z  Now if there’s an attack from a grizzly horde of exploding zombies in a town near you, you’ll be fully trained and ready to take a stand against the ravaging legions of undead.

Fighting Fantasy: Talisman of Death, Nice.

Laughing Jackal are pleased to announce the arrival of a gaming legend to PlayStation minis The Fighting Fantasy series of roleplaying gamebooks has sold more than 16million copies worldwide and Fighting Fantasy: Talisman of Death is considered one of the most controversial books in the series.

Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy DLC Detailed

Square Enix has detailed which downloadable content is and will be made available for Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy that starts off with a bunch of avatars at $0.49 or 49¢ to normal people and then costumes and BGM packs will become available for 99¢.

PlayStation Store Releases June 6th

Looking for something to buy off of the PlayStation Store now that it’s back up and running? Then the following list will let you know which Spring offers are available as well as updated content of games, add-ons, themes and whatever else you may fancy, especially if you’re a Dead Space 2 gamer that was waiting for the free Outbreak Maps!