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PlayStation Welcome Back Pack Now Available

Sony has announced the return of the PlayStation Store and now you can get your free games as the Welcome Back pack is available to choose your games from. Remember that if you also have a PSP registered to your account, you’re eligible to download a couple of free games for that, too.

European PS Store Content

The news about the PlayStation Store was posted pretty much as soon as the official PlayStation blog announced it, but the list of content consisted mostly of North American store stuff.

PS Store Returns, Welcome Pack Later [Updated]

Sony have finally restored the PlayStation Store, at least, in the US for now ([edit] European Store is also up) with a whole load of new content to see, download and play, as well as PlayStation Plus bursting to the seams with trials, free games and all the rest of the benefits PS+ gives.

Get the Complete Final Fantasy IV Collection, Today!

Square Enix are still pushing out Final Fantasy in some form or another and so for anyone that hasn’t played Final Fantasy IV can now buy the complete collection for the PSP. Included in the collection is something called Interlude which links FFIV and the sequel, The After Years with enhanced visuals and an extensive Gallery Mode with lavish CG movies and illustrations by Yoshitaka Amano.

Never Mind Batman, Gladiator Begins

PQube, when I first read that, I thought it said Pube… anyhoo, PQube and Zen United have announced that Gladiator Begins is coming to the PSP in May from Japanese developers, Acquire.

Parasites Land on PSN

Square Enix has brought back an old PlayStation classic and released it on the PlayStation Network, Parasite Eve is just the first of the series to be released with Parasite Eve II to come some time later. Originally released for the PlayStation in September 1998,  PARASITE EVE is a survival–horror RPG that introduced players to the  FINAL FANTASY series based Active Time Battle system. In Aya’s battles, a dome appears, symbolizing the range of the weapon.

Come On, Twist & Match

If you like Minis on the PlayStation 3 and PSP, 3D Twist & Match just might interest you and especially if you’re into puzzle games that require mental dexterity. How quickly can you rotate 3D objects and match them to their shaded silhouettes? Manipulate the figures with your finger, spinning and rotating them to fit them into their shadows. Challenge your spatial visualization skills and make optimal moves to build combos!

Lord of Arcana Goes on Free Quests

If you need an excuse to play Lord of Arcana again or just want to play more, then there are some new and free quests that can be downloaded to add to the game. Square Enix have released a pack of quests to add further game time to Lord of Arcana that includes Noble in the Fog, Kirin Rampage, Azure Flames and Sheltered Maiden, which is just one pack which more to come.

A Type of Ridge Racer Coming to PSN

Namco Bandai will be bringing Ridge Racer Type 4 to the PlayStation Network in March as the classic PSOne title becomes playable on the PlayStation 3 and PSP. If you’re a multi-console gamer, it will give you something to play until Ridge Racer 3D is released on the 3DS and Ridge Racer Unbound launches on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.