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Treasure Box, a Problem with Trovo

Treasure Box, a problem with Trovo has become a bit of a ‘pay-to-win’ fiasco. Here are some thoughts and opinions which aren’t an attack on anyone in particular.

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April 2020 Twitch Prime Loot

April 2020 Twitch Prime Loot has a lot in store for you, from the usual Apex Legends and Destiny 2 content, to more free games to add to your account.

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Twitch Prime in December

Twitch Prime in December is looking good to bring some new loot for you to grab, from full games to in-game items, if you’re a gamer with Amazon Prime, you miss out on a lot if you’re not linked up.

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Streaming and Highlight Vids

I keep meaning to use this like a blog as intended, but I tend to mostly post on Twitter and Facebook. I’m useless at time management, so it comes as no surprise that I hardly post here as much as I should.

Far Cry 4 Experiments with You

Ubisoft has announced the launch of Far Cry 4’s What are you made of? digital platform, an experiential website designed to test the player’s reactions in a world full of unpredictability.