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Trovo and Its Treasure Box

Trovo and its Treasure Box system has become a bit of a ‘pay-to-win’ fiasco. Here are some thoughts and opinions which aren’t an attack on anyone in partcular.

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April 2020 Twitch Prime Loot

April 2020 Twitch Prime Loot has a lot in store for you, from the usual Apex Legends and Destiny 2 content, to more free games to add to your account.

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Twitch Prime in December

Twitch Prime in December is looking good to bring some new loot for you to grab, from full games to in-game items, if you’re a gamer with Amazon Prime, you miss out on a lot if you’re not linked up.

Far Cry 4 Experiments with You

Ubisoft has announced the launch of Far Cry 4’s What are you made of? digital platform, an experiential website designed to test the player’s reactions in a world full of unpredictability.

Build Up a Transport Empire

Transport Empire is like Railroad Tycoon, you only need to look at the screenshots to see the similarity, the main difference is it’s inspired by a steampunk Victorian era and features other vehicles as well as trains.

Let The Following Begin

I had a mass sort out on Twitter by putting people into lists, so that I can control what I see better, it also means I can follow back without being spammed constantly by tweets. I mostly only have two lists in view at the same time, the other two lists contain followers that aren’t particularly relevant to my interests, but are mutually following. I probably shouldn’t admit that here in the event someone reads this who are not in the two main lists (I think you could probably work it out if you know what I tweet about). Anyway, been playing more GTA Online today and saw the most obvious glitcher yet: There is NO way he got to level 1000 legitimately, in fact, I don’t think anyone over level 300 got there by playing the game properly. As for The Following, it’s back on TV and I’m just off to watch the first episode of season 2!

The Egg God

While trying to get iPlayer working on the PlayStation 3 (without success), someone retweeted this Vine which is the funniest thing I’ve seen this year so far.It’s early days, so plenty of time to see something funnier, but this will take some beating (pun unintended)… (Turn on the sound)

Instagrams New Policy…

…And what it means to you. There’s a fair bit of scaremongering going around the internet that Instagram are changing their policy, so that they can sell your images, I would just like to point out that, despite some of those reports are coming from highly reputable websites, they’re… shall we say, not right.Shall we break it down and see just what Instagram is really going to with your photos? Instagram does not claim ownership of any Content that you post on or through the Service. Instead, you hereby grant to Instagram a non-exclusive, fully paid and royalty-free, transferable, sub-licensable, worldwide license to use the Content that you post on or through the Service, except that you can control who can view certain of your Content and activities on the Service as described in the Service’s Privacy Policy, available here: That is telling you that they do not own ANY of the images that you upload to the service. You give them permission to display it on the internet or via their mobile app, but they are claiming no...