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Blitz The Future On Facebook

The full proper videogame is due for release soon, but Telltale Games would like to give gamers a taste of the action by playing Back to the Future: Blitz Through Time on Facebook. “By aligning a social gaming component with our upcoming launch of Back to the Future: The Game on various platforms, we will utilize the drawing power of social media to maximize the effectiveness of all our efforts with the franchise,” said Steve Allison, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Telltale Games. “This extension to our product launches is a decisive step in our growth strategy to establish closer connections to our consumers. Social gaming is also a great medium for breaking through competitive noise and the confusion of media fragmentation so that we can communicate directly with a focused, pre-qualified consumer.”

Facebook Fantasy

Fans of Final Fantasy will be pleased to know (if they aren’t playing already) that Final Fantasy has hit Facebook with a couple of RPG‘s. Square Enix has launched beta’s of Chocobo’s Crystal Tower and Knights of the Crystals which are both free to play… although, I don’t think anyone actually charges fees to play games on Facebook and if they do, well it’s a big rip off and undeserving of attention since all Facebook games should be free, if you’re paying to play something on there (other than being stupid enough to buy ‘credits’), stop and/or ask for your money back.

Namco To Open Facebook Portal

Namco Bandai have announced that they will be developing Facebook exclusive content beginning with City of Football and Treasure Abyss which will have beta versions available very soon. The games will be free to play with options to buy in-game content, with iPhone and iPod Touch versions to come, meaning that the Facebook games should be able to be played on the iPhone through the touch version of the site.

MTV Woo Facebook

Stone Creek Entertainment and MTV are bringing what they call a social dating game to Facebook called I Woo You and is also a promotional vehicle for the MTV shows, including “The Real World” and incorporates the likes and dislikes of many of the shows’ characters. “MTV and Facebook are a powerful combination when it comes to reaching the youth market,” said Sharon Wood, CEO of Stone Creek Entertainment. “We know I WOO YOU will be a game that they really enjoy while interacting with their favorite shows, personalities and finding out which of their friends they are really a love match with.”

Facebook Logo

TY The Tasmanian Joins Facebook

Retro enthusiasts will no doubt remember TY the Tasmanian, well, maybe not quite retro yet as TY appeared on the PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube back in 2002, now he’s due to make a bit of a comeback on Facebook.

Facebook Logo

Beware of Facebook phishing

If you haven’t already heard or seen anything about it yet, the latest buzz is that a message is appearing in peoples Facebook profiles on their walls as a fake link that takes you to a site which is supposed to contain ‘naughty’ pictures.