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Usually about new videogame website launches

Upload to YouTube with Yoostar 2

Do you play Yoostar 2 and want to show off your skills to the world? Now you can thanks to the new ability to do so instead of just being tied to the Facebook game, Yoostar Playground which is also having new stuff added in the next couple of weeks.

“Integrating YouTube into the Yoostar community provides unparalleled reach for users to share their performances with the world.  By bringing together the three formerly separate worlds of console gaming, social networking and social video sharing we’ve taken a big step toward realising our vision:  to create the world’s first social video gaming network,” said Stephanie Morgan, Vice President of Social Gaming at Yoostar Entertainment Group.

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Ironhammers Review Driving Simulator 2011

Someone had to do it, I’d received a copy, but since I stopped doing PC news and reviews from the start of the year to concentrate more on console titles (yeah, some of them are also available for PC, news is because they’re on consoles… oh and The Sims, I’m a big fan, so that’s an exception :p ), I didn’t review Driving Simulator 2011, despite getting it a week before release.

Ironhammers did though and it’s pretty much what I would have posted, so go and read it!

Enter Rango’s World

Rango: The WORLD is the name of the online multiplayer world that people can go online and play against other likeminded gamers and now a debut trailer is available.

“Rango: The WORLD gives fans of the movie an online destination where they can go beyond the film’s storyline with friends and interact with the characters long after they leave the theater,” said Sam Glassenberg, CEO of Funtactix. “We’ve enjoyed bringing this breathtaking world to the web and creating an online community of fun, hilarity, and self-expression for fans of all ages.”

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Play Wipeout Dash, for Free!

Wired Developments have created something called Wipeout Dash which is free to play on either iPhone, iPad, iPod, PC, Mac and even on the web, so you really don’t have to worry about any demos or lite versions.

Before you get too excited, no, it’s not THAT Wipeout… you know, the one that started on the PlayStation and even went HD and stuff…? Yeah, absolutely nothing to do with that one, it’s a physics based platformer, with a ball… I guess you have to play it to get it.

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Dirty Jack Hits YouTube

Image via CrunchBase

If it has something to do with sex, MG likes and it seems something called Dirty Jack: Love Fetish now has an interactive video on YouTube, not sure how they made it interactive…

“Our titles often appeal to consumers who wouldn’t necessarily call themselves gamers,” said Jacek Maciak, CEO of Witchcraft Studios. “Partly, it’s because we tell the kind of stories that can easier be found on TV or in a comedy film than in video games. More importantly though, our products are available on devices of everyday use, such as mobile phones and tablets, as opposed to dedicated gaming hardware. Thanks to YouTube, we can reach an underserved audience craving for this type of interactive entertainment.”

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