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Let The Following Begin

I had a mass sort out on Twitter by putting people into lists, so that I can control what I see better, it also means I can follow back without being spammed constantly by tweets. I mostly only have two lists in view at the same time, the other two lists contain followers that aren’t particularly relevant to my interests, but are mutually following. I probably shouldn’t admit that here in the event someone reads this who are not in the two main lists (I think you could probably work it out if you know what I tweet about). Anyway, been playing more GTA Online today and saw the most obvious glitcher yet: There is NO way he got to level 1000 legitimately, in fact, I don’t think anyone over level 300 got there by playing the game properly. As for The Following, it’s back on TV and I’m just off to watch the first episode of season 2!

The Egg God

While trying to get iPlayer working on the PlayStation 3 (without success), someone retweeted this Vine which is the funniest thing I’ve seen this year so far.It’s early days, so plenty of time to see something funnier, but this will take some beating (pun unintended)… (Turn on the sound)


People who didn’t realise that the Super Meat team were being ironically sarcastic when announcing on some podcast that they had only sold twelve copies of Super Meat Boy on Direct2Drive went and posted on blogs and sites believing it was true.

Lucasarts Give Away Lightsabers

Lucasarts posted around 6 links on Twitter that all led to a .txt page of codes which, when redeemed on Xbox Live, gave the gamer Starkiller’s Dual Lightsabers for their avatar. Although there must have been about 100 codes per link/page, they went like poop off a shovel, ol’ MGaceman here was lucky enough to enter a valid code and obtain the goodies!

Most Haunted Live Haunts Twitter

As just mentioned on Twitter… ciaranokeeffe Just been informed: there is an official live Twitter feed for Most Haunted. Follow now @realmosthaunted I’ve retweeted and this post will appear on my twitter, spread the word if you’re a fan!