MGAceman/Mental Gamers Contact Page

Please note: Aceman (AKA MGAceman) is the ONLY contact for Mental Gamers, if anyone else tries to contact you on behalf of this website and it’s not from a (or .net) email address, disregard it, it will be unauthorised. Mail is forwarded/sent through GMail, the only official Mental Gamers GMail is, you guessed it, mentalgamers |at| gmail [dot] com.

Advertising space is available at cheap rates. Gambling sites in any form will be ignored, unless you pay £2000 pcm.

If you’re contacting about SEO, buying social influence or any other related bullsh*t, don’t bother, it will either go straight to spam or just be ignored.

Kickstarter campaigns aren’t generally covered due to potential incompletion/failure.
Yes, you need to spread the word, but mostly ones of interest/near their target will be considered, sorry.