Big Brother Pete is class

I just had to post this, I’ve watched about 10 times already and I still burst out laughing. He must have the cool version of tourettes because, although it makes you laugh, it’s more what he says than what he does. Anyway, watch this and be entertained, it’s Pete at his best…

(The vid has been removed from YouTube)

In my opinion, he doesn’t really suffer from it that bad, it’s only when he’s talking and gets nervous, which would explain the, “WOW! I’m talking to Big Brother…” bit. I haven’t bothered to watch Big Brother 7, I know the ‘characters’ in there due to the missus watching it and I’ve watched about 2 minutes per day every other day or something as I’ve been passing through the living-room to the kitchen (I have my own little room where it’s just me and my PC and consoles ), but from what I’ve seen of it, Pete is just a top class bloke and should at least make it to the end, if not even win it!

A funny, musical babe … rare?

Sitting at the computer after playing Cars for the last 5 hours or so of which I’m doing a review for soon, The album Show comes on and while I’m checking the Channel 4 site about Film Four becoming free (probably due to a lack of subscribers, I subscribed once, wish I hadn’t bothered for a couple of reasons), a rather lovely young lady is being spoken to. It turns out to be someone called Lily Allen of whom I’ve heard a little bit of some time ago, turns out she’s actually No.1 in the UK charts and apparently has been for the last 3 weeks.

I didn’t know this due to me not having listened to the radio for quite a while and that the charts aren’t presented by the good old guys from years gone by, in an effort to try and stay hip, young and cool, Radio 1 bring in any old knob of lards. Message to the knobs, we don’t care about you, we just want to know who, where and what is happening in the charts. Some people just try too hard to be witty and amusing, leaving the listener bemused and wondering wtf the dumbass(‘s) are waffling on about.

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