Emo fails at gaming

The most watched and probably linked to video on the web at the moment must be the one where an emo kid is playing Sonic the Hedgehog on the PS3, but it freezes.

(Vid has been removed for some reason)
Must be some kind of anti-emo mechanism, could make the PS3 quite popular…

Fergie FTW

I think that Stacey “Fergie” Ferguson from Black Eyed Peas is one sexy babe. I know I’m not alone in thinking that, she is so hot that (OBVIOUS PUN WARNING) I would like to feel her lady lumps (PUN OVER).

In honour of the fact that she is such a babe, I would like to share this picture of which is drooltatstically hot… (click for bigger version)

And I know some people don’t like this song, but wowzers…

That is all…

Streaming, CLICK HERE!