So, you want to do a Let’s Play of a game and want to monetise it or just do a feature, but you’re not sure of any policies and worried that someone will claim copyright?

Worry not as most of the developers and/or publishers don’t mind that you do and why should they?

It’s great free publicity and exposure for their game, so here is a list of links or tweets from them and what they say.

The games in brackets are just so you recognise who they are, not that their policy only covers that game (unless otherwise stated)!

Deep Silver Volition (Saints Row franchise) A Tumblr page with some info and a link on there to a full statement.

22Cans (Godus): Email them via the link on

Stoic (The Banner Saga):

Gaijin Games (BIT.TRIP): The blog post has gone, but they basically don’t mind.

Double Fine (Psychonauts/Broken Age):

Runic Games (Torchlight):

Klei (specifically Don’t Starve. Contact them for other games):

Celcius Game Studios (Drifter):

Shining Rock Software (Banished) – (at the bottom)