Elementary: "He called me a bell-end"

I was a bit late to the Sherlock scene, I like Sherlock Holmes as in, the original, but never been a big fan. I would actually like to read a book or two which I could probably get for free somewhere on the internet for a device, this isn’t about the book version, it’s about Elementary.

I’d seen quite a few people on Twitter mention Sherlock’s second series, yet I hadn’t seen the first, but I watched it anyway. Then I discovered a US ‘version’ was being made and so gave it a go.
Some people seemed to dismiss it quite early on and of course, comparisons to Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock were made, but for those of us who stuck with it were granted a full season and even a renewal for a second.
Episode six of season two had a great line which would make any Englishman (well, one with a good sense of humour) literally laugh out loud…
That’s what sets Elementary apart from Sherlock, it’s more light-hearted and not meant to be viewed in the same way. There are blatant differences and if you were really looking for a show to compare Elementary to, you might want to try Unforgettable instead (which is another great show I watch and is on the same network).