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Disappointing Currys [Updated]

Disappointing Currys sounds like I’m about to go on about the national dish of the UK, but no, the national retailer who appeared to have sold me something that wasn’t exactly brand new.


I’m Not Alone!

Last night while streaming The Elder Scrolls Online, I came across one of those Molag Bol portals which had some Worm Cultists around it and so I was hesitant to approach since there was no way I could have taken it on alone.


Mental Gamers Goes Unlimited

Mental Gamers has been around since 2005 and I hope I can keep it going for many more years. Because of a hack last year, it made me lose motivation, so posts were very sporadic and even though I was sent codes and stuff to review, I just didn’t feel like it.


Killing a Hardcore Wither

OH. MY. GOLLY. GOSH! No idea how I managed to do it or the base survived, but I took on the Wither last night and … well…

Racksoy Microphone Mic Suspension Boom

Why the Racksoy Microphone Mic Suspension Boom? I’d been looking for a mic boom for ages, the main place of interest was amazon, but the main problem on there are the reviews. I tried asking on Twitter if anyone recommended one, even asked a YouTuber who, as I should have guessed, ignored my question.

My New Obsession

I have a new obsession. No, not Fallout 4. Yes, I’ve played it quite a bit and reached about level 32 or something, I probably racked up about 40 hours in the first week, but that’s not what my new obsession is that has been keeping me busy for the past week.

The Park

The Park is a narrative thriller, I’m not sure you can call it a game since technically, you don’t really play it. You’re a woman looking for a child in an amusement park, but the twist to the park is that it hasn’t been open for a long time.

Let's Play Kingdom Part 3

Kingdom is a great pixel 2D scroller with tower defense style gameplay. The idea is for your King or Queen to build up some protection to their Kingdom, so that nasty things of the night can come and take the crown, because, without a crown, there can be no King/Queen!

Justifying YouTube

This is one of those blog posts I just have to do while the thought is still fresh in my mind. If not and I wait until later, I will have forgotten what I wanted to say.