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Watch Shaun the Sheep on 3DS

Nintendo are offering you a deal this week, not just on games, but for Shaun the Sheep videos on the 3DS. You can either buy three collections of five episodes at £2.69 each or all 15 episodes for £6.29, a saving of £1.78.

Go On a Retro Rampage with Pac-Man!

The classic Pac-Man is coming to the 3DS this week, but it’s the NES version via Virtual Console and costs £4.49, but for more recent retro-style gaming, Retro City Rampage will cost you 1000 Wii Points from the Wii Shop to play on the Wii.

Nintendo Go Oriental

Yeah yeah, Nintendo is a Japanese company, what I’m referring to is Tokyo Crash Mobs and Mahjong Mysteries (Mahjong is Chinese y’see) which are being offered for purchase on the 3DS via the eShop.

Nintendo Bring Ghosts 'N Goblins To 3DS

Well, not exactly Nintendo, Capcom are the ones who want to rip you off by spending £4.49 on the ancient game which is available on the eShop this week for you to buy and play via the Virtual Console for the 3DS.

Nintendo Offer Cake, Art and Pinball

New content from Nintendo on the eShop this week features Pokédex 3D Pro, new lessons for Art Academy a sequel to a top 20 best-selling Nintendo DSiWare games in North America and a Marvellous pinball special.

Nintendo Brings Monsters, Samurai & Dragons

With titles such as Monster Shooter, Come on! Dragons and Samurai G, there’s plenty of downloadable action waiting to land on your 3DS this week from Nintendo including a girly demo and  just one outing for WiiWare.

Mario Tennis Opens on Nintendo eShop

Nintendo are plodding on with their eShop offerings and this time, a full game is up for grabs. Mario Tennis Open is a full 3DS title costing £39.99, well, hopefully it’s a full game.

La-Mulana Hits WiiWare

Available now on WiiWare, La-Mulana from EnjoyUp Games can be yours for 1000 Wii Points and to celebrate the release of the “most complete “archaeology action and exploration” game ever created”, here’s some info and a trailer.