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The Dubstep Gun is a Reality

What did you think about the 4ft Dildo Bat? Ladies and gentlemen, what would you say if Deep Silver made a replica of the Dubstep Gun and brought it to reality? You wouldn’t believe me, right? Being just a little one-man blogsitethingy here?

Inaugurate Your Saints Row IV Character

Do you remember how you were able to create a character for Saints Row 3 and then import it into the game once you had it? Deep Silver and Volition have done it again for Saints Row IV, but this time, it’s known as the Inauguration Station.

Deep Silver Invite Suarez Out for a Bite

As if it wasn’t bad enough already that Liverpool forward, Luis Suarez did something unthinkable recently by biting the arm of Chelsea defender, Branislav Ivanovic, now Deep Silver want to cash in on the event.

These Screens Are Sacred … 3

Don’t you just love it when screens are released for a game, but without a press release to go with it? That’s what Deep Silver have done with Sacred 3, so see below if you want to check out how Sacred 3 is looking so far, release date is just 2013.

Dead Island Riptide Coming 2013

If you were wondering when Dead Island Riptide was going to be released, Deep Silver have finally answered that question with a scheduled date of April 23rd, 2013, although, it is subject to change in the event of any delays or the world ending.

Dead Island Riptide Trailer

A new trailer from Deep Silver for Dead Island Riptide has been made available and is in a similar style to the original where a couple are surrounded by zombies, trapped in a boat with only one solution left to be rid of them…

Deep Silver Rise To a Collectors Edition

If you’re getting Risen 2: Dark Waters for the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, did you know that there is going to be a collectors edition? Deep Silver has announced on the release day of April 27th, you will have the choice of just the standard version or a collectors edition which features plenty of booty.

Take a Ryde on This Dead Island DLC Trailer

Sorry for the pun, but Deep Silver have released a trailer for the upcoming Ryder White downloadable content, in fact, it’s due for release in just two days on February 1st, so feat your eyes upon what you can expect to spend your hard earned pennies on this Wednesday.

Dead Island's Derpy Arms

If you haven’t seen it yet, you just have to see the oh so articulate animation of Dead Island’s characters when played in third person perspective, if you don’t laugh, go to your nearest Humour Hospital for an injection…