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LEGO LotR 'Fact Sheet' Arises

Fact sheets are generally useful when they contain quite a bit of information, this one however, is just a case of an overview with a list of features you would expect to see in a general press release, so just to give you some info, here it is…

The Cover of LEGO Lord of the Rings

“Po – ta – toes”, said Sam. “What?”, said Frodo, scratching his head at Sam’s sudden outburst. Lord of the Rings is getting the LEGO treatment, which was pretty much inevitable as I’m guessing that a Hunger Games version may not be too far off in the future.

Warner Bros. Bring Injustice

Nobody has really been brave enough to create a new beat-em-up franchise, Warner Bros. have stepped up to the plate and announced Injustice: Gods Among Us which will not only have an original story, but feature top DC Comics characters.

Check Out Lollipop Chainsaw Combat

All you dirty dirty boys can’t wait to get your hands on this, I’ll bet, so how would you like a look at how the combat in Lollipop Chainsaw works? Crushing skulls and hacking zombies is what it’s all about, so sit back and watch Juliet Starling do what she’s best at…

Spy Hunter Goes Mobile

Well, not mobile in the sense of phones or tablets, but for the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita and judging by the screenshots, you can see a clear difference in the quality of both versions.

Batman AC GOTY Packs

Remember those packshots you saw a while ago for Batman Arkham City Game of the Year? If you thought they were just a mock-up, then you would have thought wrong, they’re real or at least, will be when the GOTY is released.

Batman Grows a GOTY

Some new downloadable content is due to be released for Batman: Arkham City and it will be the last. It features Harley Quinn and adds another couple of hours of gameplay, but that’s released on May 30th whereas, for those of you that haven’t already got the game, you’ll have to wait a while longer if you want the GOTY version.

Batman Recruits DC Heroes

It’s been some time since LEGO Batman was released and everyone has or at least, should have completed it one hundred percent by now, so now it’s time to reveal some Batman 2 information, a trailer and some screenshots which show that Batman & Robin are joined by some of their DC friends.