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Worms Go On Sale This Week

PlayStation 3 gamers can save up to 75% off Worms games and downloadable content this week as SCEE has teamed up with Team17 to bring you some great deals.

Why You Should Ditch Xbox Live for PS Plus

Yes, it’s one of those posts, you don’t have to read it, but I would appreciate it if you would at least skim through it. This isn’t because someone else posted an article like this just recently, it was something planned when the latest Instant Game Collection was announced, similar views are purely coincidental.

Max Payne 3 for Less Than £15?

The latest update from the European PlayStation Blog tells us Max Payne 3 will be featured in the January sale on PlayStation Store and it’s especially good news for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Okami Launches in HD

Gamers have been waiting for this moment and it has arrived, Okami HD is now available pretty much worldwide right now on the PlayStation Network with Move support and trophies for you to earn.

Sony's Proposed PSN Update

It happened for some, but not for others. It happened and then it didn’t as some people got the update, then it apparently reverted back to the old version, so what does it look like?

Toe Jam & Earl Return To Consoles

It’s been a while since Messrs ToeJam & Earl graced our game consoles, the SEGA Mega Drive brought them into our bedrooms and then another attempt was made around ten years ago with ToeJam & Earl III: Mission to Earth on the Xbox.

Terraria Gets Dirty on Consoles

Terraria was such a big hit with PC gamers and not just because it was inspired by Minecraft, but due to the fact that it had its own unique gameplay, which is why console gamers can thank 505 Games for bringing it to the PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE Arcade.

Awesomenauts Talks About Shoes

A third Community Address has been released by the developers of Awesomenauts to give you some information about what’s going on with the upcoming patch and even a giveaway, but that’s most likely only going to be in the US.

Zeno Clash Sequel Announced

Do you remember that relatively unknown hit called Zeno Clash? It had a brief moment of fame and sunk into obscurity just as quick, well ATLUS and ACE Team have announced that Zeno Clash II is in development and coming to Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and PC (Steam) in 2013.

Mass Effect 3 Starts a Rebellion

Available right now and for absolutely NOTHING is the FREE multiplayer content for Mass Effect 3 called the Rebellion Pack which adds a bunch of new stuff for you to enjoy new maps and characters, there’s also a trailer to show you more.