Sony's Proposed PSN Update

It happened for some, but not for others. It happened and then it didn’t as some people got the update, then it apparently reverted back to the old version, so what does it look like?

Thankfully, there are some images for you to see just what the PlayStation Store should look like once it’s updated.

PlayStation Store 01 PlayStation Store 02 PlayStation Store 03 PlayStation Store 04
PlayStation Store 05 PlayStation Store 06 PlayStation Store 07 PlayStation Store 08

Some say it’s similar to the Xbox 360 dashboard, since that has also recently received an update, there probably isn’t that much similarity anymore. It looks more user-friendly due to Sony thinking it was cool to put light coloured backgrounds with white text, yeah, you can imagine how thrilled users were when they couldn’t read descriptions of products.
There are still some ‘teething problems’ which should be sorted soon, most importantly, the speed which from what I’ve seen most commented on is that the new Store is very slow.