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Should Filesize Affect Price?

A discussion you can often find around gaming websites and forums is whether the size of a game should affect the cost, not downloadable content, although, that will be covered (and sort of has before), but the full price, full base game.

Max Payne 3 for Less Than £15?

The latest update from the European PlayStation Blog tells us Max Payne 3 will be featured in the January sale on PlayStation Store and it’s especially good news for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Sony's Proposed PSN Update

It happened for some, but not for others. It happened and then it didn’t as some people got the update, then it apparently reverted back to the old version, so what does it look like?

PSP Sale On PS Store

In need of some games for your aging Sony handheld? Showing that there’s life in the old dog yet, there is a sale going on in the PlayStation Store with PSP titles going for as little as £6.99 and some are even compatible with the Vita.

Third NEOGEO Station Released

If you’re old enough to remember the Neo-Geo console or have done a bit of research, you’ll know that the system was quite expensive, but what was even more ridiculous was the cost of the games which, for the time, was really the elite of gaming due to only the rich being able to afford it. If you thought paying £50 for a Nintendo 64 game was bad, think yourself lucky that you didn’t have to pay up to and including £130. Yes, Neo-Geo games would and did cost as much as over £100, that’s why it’s nice that you can buy the old classic games at a WAY lower price on such as Virtual Console or as this news is about, the PlayStation Store.

PlayStation Store Releases June 6th

Looking for something to buy off of the PlayStation Store now that it’s back up and running? Then the following list will let you know which Spring offers are available as well as updated content of games, add-ons, themes and whatever else you may fancy, especially if you’re a Dead Space 2 gamer that was waiting for the free Outbreak Maps!

PlayStation Welcome Back Pack Now Available

Sony has announced the return of the PlayStation Store and now you can get your free games as the Welcome Back pack is available to choose your games from. Remember that if you also have a PSP registered to your account, you’re eligible to download a couple of free games for that, too.

European PS Store Content

The news about the PlayStation Store was posted pretty much as soon as the official PlayStation blog announced it, but the list of content consisted mostly of North American store stuff.

PS Store Returns, Welcome Pack Later [Updated]

Sony have finally restored the PlayStation Store, at least, in the US for now ([edit] European Store is also up) with a whole load of new content to see, download and play, as well as PlayStation Plus bursting to the seams with trials, free games and all the rest of the benefits PS+ gives.

Hey Man, Explodemon

Well, considering that the press release is styled like it was meant to be read by you, so here goes… Still on the fence about Explodemon? You sicken me. But, my personal disgust aside, it’s your lucky day – a demo of Explodemon! is heading to the PlayStation Store THIS WEEK for your downloading pleasure. That means that our American cousins will be able to download the demo today, and our European brothers will have access from tomorrow.